December Executive Director Column

  One of the fundamentals of Einstein’s theory of relativity is that the closer you are to the end of the journey, the faster the time goes.  Sign me up.  Where did 2023 go?

     We still have one more opportunity to network and enjoy the journey that only we facility managers and suppliers share.  Our by-laws as 501©6 non-profit here in New Mexico mandate that we hold an end-of-year meeting (open only to members) where we vote new folks onto the Board of Directors and review our accomplishments from the year past. This event is FREE (thank you to our gracious sponsors) and is always a lot of fun after we get the short business meeting adjourned.  You will want to visit a new venue, Pasando Tiempo, a local winery and vineyard where the event is being hosted.

     2024 will kick off with some great topics that affect all of us every day in our professional and personal lives.  Do you feel like your job is killing you and that expectations are not achievable?  How can you market yourself in the workplace? How can you build relationships through your work? How do others see you at your place of employment? Some valid questions and solid answers are planned and upcoming for 2024 in both live and video meeting formats.

    Oh, you golfers.  May will see us back at Top Golf and October at Isleta.  You might want to start practicing now.

     Happy New Year.  Time flies. Buckle up.