Executive Director Column

March 2023

     The program planning for this year is shaping up nicely.  We listened to your suggestions and found that you like site visits and golf.  Therefore, we have planned site visits and golf for 2023. Since most companies only have so much “fun money” to spend, save some for our infamous golf outings, especially the door prize fiesta we put on at Isleta each year.  It is like Christmas in September.

     I personally want to throw a mixer sometime somewhere soon when the weather warms up a bit.  I am always looking for sponsors for nominal amounts of money to get their brand noticed at these popular shindigs.  I am partial to the deck with the gorgeous views of the Sandias at Bosque Brewing Company North but I am open to suggestion.

     Our world has changed since 2020 but life goes on and business forges ahead.  It is a privilege to be a part of New Mexico’s vibrant culture and economy.  Your attendance at the events sponsored by the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico puts you in the mainstream.  See you soon!