Why join anything?  Why get out of bed in the morning? This is all a part of being in a society of like-minded human beings.  We know there are all sorts of organizations that want and need our support and attention and there is only much time and money available.  But we all want to grow our businesses, knowledge, and incomes.  There are several ways to do this but none of them include NOT being active in the industry in which you are invested.

      It’s easy to say I’m tired, I’m shy, I don’t know those people.  The Facility Managers Association of New Mexico will wipe out those fears.  This organization is built for business networking, friendship within that community, education and FUN.  The most successful businesses are the ones who realize the tremendous value of networking and socializing in the business community.

      Look at our events.  Look at our goals.  We need members and you want new contacts.  Simple philosophy: join us today.

                                                                                                                                                              Reggie Roberson

                                                                                                                                                                    Eaton Sales and Service

Facility Managers


Networking Opportunities

Networking is about building long-term business relationships that are beneficial to both parties. When networking, you meet and get to know people who not only offer career advice, or guidance, but can help expand the effectiveness of your organization.  Networking events and opportunities help create the right connections with the right people and fosters those relationships regularly.

Support Systems

Late nights and weekends spent in the office or in the field are commonplace for many professionals. But being a member of a professional community will get you out of the office to connect with like-minded professionals who likely share at least some of the same interests. Take time to connect with others who have made the same decision and are facing the same experiences.

Professional Brand Awareness

FMANM can be a great way to increase your own visibility, as well as that of your employer. This increased visibility can be essential when trying to enhance your own professional brand, especially at the beginning of your career, and can help your firm grow, since potential clients and partner like to do business with a familiar face.

Facility Managers

Business and professional development go hand in hand with networking. People do business with people, and people prefer to work with people they already know. For facility managers, here is an opportunity to participate in informative events focused on the issues you may face in your building, and to share solutions with other facility professionals who have already experienced these challenges.


FMANM provides suppliers with multiple platforms to network with your future customers and interact with other suppliers. Meet individuals “who are in charge” of the business you want to work with.