Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf is a Machine:

Best Site Visit EVER!

     Tuffy Luffaguss, Santa Fe-based Director of Corporate Facilities for Meow Wolf INC, is herself a multi-faceted force of nature and a work of art.  She led Facility Manager Association of New Mexico members through the internal work land/wonderland of the organization’s fantastic machinery in August on what everyone who attended described as, hands-down, the best backstage, behind-the-scenes experience ever.

     Here are the comments from some of the facility professionals who attended.

Cole Gooding, Vice President/ Director of Reconstruction with Paul Davis of New Mexico, Inc., wrote:

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the opportunity and invitation to attend the Meow Wolf facility tour. I found it extremely insightful and fascinating on both a professional and personal level. I had no idea how immensely organized and expansive the inner workings were in order to accommodate each exhibit. From sharing with us the logistical workings involved with getting each individual element from the concept stage to fruition onto the security and custodial requirements needed in the management of 9 different buildings, this tour gave us great inspiration to assess and improve aspects of our own organization. For that, I truly appreciate the willingness to share information and pull back the curtain on the organization and collective I have been a fan of for years. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Next, Chris Greeno, FMP, SFP, and Maintenance Director for Rio Rancho Public Schools, said:

I wanted to start off by saying thank you for having this available for us to attend. It was fascinating to learn how organized they are from start to finish. Their timeline/schedule board was unreal, but I guess with so many moving parts, it must be. I cannot imagine doing a budget with so many different/ interesting parts needed per project, but they do. I also saw how happy the staff were and what Meow Wolf has done to make it a great work environment. For example, they have an area for the staff to take breaks and/or corroborate at, installed meditation spaces, a beautiful mother’s room, and a great outdoor community area for lunch. On Wednesdays, they bring in food trucks and support live music. I really enjoyed seeing these amazing artists working and collaborating with each other to make Meow Wolf happen.

Finally, Liza Martinez, Belfor Property Restoration’s Commercial Account Manager, added:

Thanks to the wonderful individuals with FMANM for the opportunity to visit and tour the amazing Meow Wolf facility where all the behind-the-scenes magic happens. It was truly a special experience to see how all the awe-inspiring concepts and works of art are made from start to finish, especially since having seen Meow Wolf Santa Fe in person. The amount of work and organization that is put into every single location is mind-blowing and now there is such a greater appreciation for all that goes into them.