Eaton Sales and Service-Reggie

“Why join anything? Why get out of bed in the morning? It’s all part of being in a society with like-minded human beings. We know there are a lot of organizations that want and need our support and attention and we know there is only so many dollars available. But, we all want to grow our business, knowledge and money. There are several ways to do that but none of them include not being active in the industry you are invested in. It’s easy to say I’m tired, I’m shy or I don’t know those people. Well let me tell you, the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico will wipe out all those fears. This organization is built for networking, friendship within the business community, FUN and education. The most successful businesses are the ones that network and socialize in the business community. Look at our events, look at our goals. We need members and you want new contacts, simple philosophy. Join today.”