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We Love Tin Can Alley

     Roy Solomon is the owner of Tin Can Alley and graciously showed off his thriving creation to members and guests of the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico as he led a spirited and fact-filled tour of the venue in June.  As the developer of the 11,000-square-foot project, he shared his insights and challenges and reflected on what it was like to open the business in the middle of the pandemic.  Now well past the “grab-and-go” model, business is booming, with another gourmet niche restaurant set to open soon.

     Property manager Amy Flores, CPM, with Commercial Real Estate Management Company, accompanied the tourists and shared her insights on the challenges of managing a multi-faceted facility. An accomplished professional, she shared that she has learned many things about managing a building made of commercial shipping containers, which still must meet all customary codes for any mercantile facility.

     Shopping, eating, and great networking with old friends and new connections closed out the event.